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Mirgrate template & modules language



At the moment we run Prestashop with slighty modified translation fields.

What I never understood in 4 to 5 years Prestashop is how to mirgrate language packs updates best .

Locally I migrated to TB 1.0.1 and I downloaded via backoffice the actual language pack for our language (German) for TB. I also downloaded it from the given TB language download website and compared the files in the gzipped language pack. So far so good. It looks for me as files downloaded via backoffice or the from the website are identical (even V1.0.0 up to 1.0.2?).

Anyhow, is there a handy way to merge an actual language pack with an existing one. Mostly shop users may modify some fields in their template or add some fields to it. I tried to do a file comparission but that seems not to work.

Is it best to download each time a new language (pack) if one exists und to copy it to the working template while overwriting at the same time any given 'own' translation and we have to manually correct fields where we need our own translation?

PS: The ID's of the fields. Are they unique or alter they from version to version?

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My take is that manually entered translations are stored in the database, so files on disk don't change at all. Accordingly there's nothing to merge.

On the translations backoffice page is a function to export a language. Did you try with this?

Also: you're talking about translation packages here. A language pack is rather small: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.0.x/install-dev/langs/de/language.xml Admittedly, language and translation packages get confused often.

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You are right I mixed up the terms. I meant translations packs and then the files in it.

Can you me explain please that the function to export a language is for? How can it help me to be up to date with my language/translations.

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Can you me explain please that the function to export a language is for?

It should be possible to export a language in the old version, hopefully including these messages stored in the database, and to import them elsewhere or in the new version. I didn't try this, but that's my understanding.

BTW., these translation packs (en.gzip, fr.gzip, ...) are in .tar.gz format, despite their suffix. Plain files inside, so one can unpack a pair of them for comparison with a text diff tool (diff -uri or something).

Could you please explain the difference between a language pack and a translation pack?

A language pack (actually a single file) is what one can see behind this link: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.0.x/install-dev/langs/de/language.xml. Language name, ISO code, date format, left-to-right or right-to-left, that's it. One such pack for every language.

Translation packs contain many files with, well, translations.

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