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Remove Create Account/ Sign in Block


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Is there anyway I can remove this whole block from the checkout funnel ,but not from the site as I would still like people to create accounts if they prefer.

I have searched google and can't find this request , or if I do it's way to old or for PS 1.7.

The reason I ask if I have had 4 people do test purchases and all said that that was a bad idea with 1 saying they didn't realise they could do instant checkout

Am on The latest bleeding edge and Panda theme with the 3 step checkout


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Basically yes as most do it this way anyway with guest checkout .. But I still want the option available to be able to create a account if they want to. On mobile view it is so far down

Want to remove the whole block left and right so this is what they see below Summery /address / Payment



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On 11/12/2020 at 9:32 PM, AndyC said:

I can find the blocks by using "inspect element" on firefox and can even remove them, but just cannot figure out where these are within the file structure to hide them

Hi, @AndyC. I'm not using Panda, but Niara. Anyway, I think the file you are looking for is /themes/panda/order-address.tpl

If it is not, as you know what you are looking for, if you have access to a linux terminal you can go to the themes directory and execute this command:

grep -Hr "auth_right_column"

It will search recursively for the string "auth_right_column" that you want to remove.

Good luck!

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My hack for Niara theme, single page checkout, removes the block so nobody can register, using bo>preferences>custom code>css
I forget how it works, but if there's anything similar in a Panda 3-page form it might involve css like this.

#new_account_title {display: none;}

#opc_account_choice {display: none !important;} /*for edge browser*/

#login_form {display: none;}

#opc_account_form.unvisible {display:block !important;}

#company.text.form-control {display: none;} /*just to shorten the form*/

#discount_name {display: none;}  /*just to shorten the form*/

#discount_name.discount_name {display: none;}  /*just to shorten the form*/

#voucher {display: none;}  /*just to shorten the form*/

#cart-voucher {display: none;}  /*just to shorten the form*/

#login_form .box {display:none;}

#login_form {display:none;}
.date-select {display: none;} /*this is for order and date of birth form*/

#vat_number_block {display: none !important;}
/*#vat_number.text.form-control {display: none;} removed the hard return after label */

#checkoutLogin {display: none;}

#logged_checkout {display: none;}

#blockuserinfo-login {display: none;}

#product_condition {display:none;}

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2 hours ago, Wartin said:

That's a good one, veganline.

@AndyC using that tip you shoud add to custom CSS this

#auth_right_column{display: none;}

that should hide that block, as you do with your browser.

Absolutely Spot on , Thank you so much, I knew it would be easy , but not that easy .. Just knowing what to put down

Hidden both left and right and with the social log in now is so much better..

I do need to hide a few other things so will certainly be using that tip


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6 hours ago, AndyC said:

Just seen it also removed them from the log in page as well .. I just want it gone from the checkout page - back to the drawing board

Indeed, it will hide all the occurrences of that very piece of code. The only way to go is edit the .tpl as told up here. It's not as difficult as it seems... Just save a copy of the original file and don't work in an online shop.

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