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Any Uk sellers managing to change everything over for the 1st January deadline

My thoughts are

1) remove the VAT module

2) Remove EU countries from the UK 20% tax rule

3) Add a note to Overseas carriers saying cusotmer is responsible for import duty and taxes

4) Remove VAT field from the address systems in the cart. Not sure how to do that yet, but not essential I think

That's it. Unless anyone can think of something I have missed?

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What kind of parcels will you send?


  • doesn't say what happens if a retailer sends to a consumer in the EU. If a parcel arrives rather late, with an EU VAT bill attached, I think my customers would refuse it or send it back. Maybe we will see on the TV news what happens to the first few thousand before I get an order from the EU. I am not registered for VAT so I hope I can continue to send small parcels un-taxed.

I'll need

For efficiency it would be good to have this information on whatever paper I print, maybe even formatted to look like the standard CN22 form. Maybe large-scale traders need this quickly.

I hoped to see some kind of government grant for software updates but don't see one.

Gov.uk/government/publications/hmrc-brexit-transition-communications-resources has some pdf-formatted documents saying "get ready" but they do not say what to do until we get a sober prime minister - they suggest checking with specialists, but if I look on web sites like RoyalMail or Parcel2go , the experts do not have any information pages either.

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I was thinking more Tb specific actions. 

Already got EORI as we are VAT registered, Our carriers Royal Mail and parcelforce automatically print CN22’s and CN23’s as necessary. Again, we already add harmonisation codes where relevant as we do sell globally. Consumer or B2B does not matter they will still have to pay VAT in whatever country they are in (though there may be a lower threadshold of 22 euro before that kicks in). You can also send Duty Paid but that would not work for us

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8 hours ago, veganline said:

My scale of business suits walking to the post office and trading under VAT thresholds, so I am not really linked in.

Me too. I don't really sell to any other country as postage is a killer.. I do have the option now may just remove the EU countries completely as I don't really want to due to breakages

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It was already agreed that GDPR was embedded in UK law so no change (though you may have to revisit some of your wording on some policy / procedures) depending on where data is stored etc. 




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