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Shipping That Old Chestnut



Right now no product works with any carrier, I have the infamous  "No Carrier Available" message.

Ive tried:

Creating a simple test product with a simple carrier that all is available to all zones. Nothing.

Turning ASM on and off and Disabling and Re-enabling carriers.


Ive tried debug and advanced debug mode and


Ive tried

With/ Without Stock Management


Under Modules/ Payment all carriers are selected



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1 hour ago, 30knees said:

Have you checked whether states are required for the country you're shipping to and disabling the requirement?

Yes,I decided to completely rejig the zone structure to better arrange carriers

Then it got messy and I ended up disabling ASM and then the site till I could sort it out.



The big thing I learned was ... that if you deactivate ASM, it has to be reactivated again, product by product.......

So Im doing that now, should be ok after that.



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4 hours ago, datakick said:

When you enable ASM make sure your carriers are associated with warehouses. And of course, associate product with warehouses as well.


Yes that's obviously a key thing to be certain of, thanks @datakick

Lots of things to be very careful of, such as ensuring warehouse zones and address data matches matching carrier zones and addresses also.

Also ensuring that warehouse tick boxes are ticked in the Warehouse tab in products. (those boxes shouldnt really exist, just another thing to go wrong).

In my case I had to totally disable ASM as something had gone wrong. That solved the immediate problem but then restablishing ASM had to be done product by product but now its ok.

Warehousing is extremely delicate at the moment it works mostly though, but its looking forward to a lot more robustness later.

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