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A few questions

1) We use the panda theme, but the images page in the back office still suggests that the original image types are present, so is it safe to delete these, and will that delete the images from the server also (trying to free up some space before deciding if we need to purchase more


2) The IMG folder contains lots of empty folders (e.g P>1>3>4>5 may be empty, but P>1>3>4>5 is full ) is it safe to delete all empty folders? (i know that won't relieve space, but will make it easier to navigate (I think there has been some corruption of the folder structure as in some of those there is then another IMG and P folder

3) In the IMG folder there is a TMP folder. Am i correct in thinking this is where images go when uploaded before all the product image are created? If so is is it safe to delete these, or are they used for 'regeneration'


4) Am I correct in thinking that 'regeneration' simply recreates the images in situ, or does it delete what is there first and then just create what it needs to? So for example, (so thinking if i delete the image types not required (as shown in point 1), then re-generate will that leave only files on the server that are actually required?

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