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Best way to create a live XML product feed?

Alex Hansen

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I don't know. I was about to reply that I used https://github.com/dim00z/gshoppingflux but, on checking, I don't and cannot install. Maybe someone else can install a  free xml feed somehow?
-------------first posted May 6th ; update June 5th
I have bought the Datakick module. It's twice the price of the cheapest Prestashop one, but it looks like something that will teach me what data I have and how I can put it into an xml feed in a foolproof  and pretty way for any purpose and any way I like, so worth the extra. Otherwise I would have to pay for a module for every single platform. There's a half price version that lasts a year, and a free fortnight to get set-up if you are quick at setting-up. Once done, the module makes an "end point" such as "example.com/endpoints/google.xml", and creates a fresh up-to-date file from the database whenever anyone such as a google bot asks for it. I can't give more of a review because I'm working on adding schema.org tags to products first, just to see how far I can get before learning how to make xml feeds work.

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Google Shopping Flux free module

Also listed as a free PS module on https://www.megventure.com/ 
https://ko-fi.com/casper_o can take money for work on it, and there is a link to a thread on a similar shopping cart's forum pages where he has answered questions over the years.
Once installed, the free module has neat options for set-up although shipping options are "experimental". I haven't made them work yet. It might work on Pricerunner and Shopalike apparently, and works on Facebook, but it isn't flexible like https://www.getdatakick.com so I am learning on both.

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