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Shipping Issue?



I have it set that Shipping Option A will only show up if the total of the cart is over 9.99. 
So can someone tell me why a $3.00 item allows that Option A for shipping to show up?

Option B also does it. 

Thank you.


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10 hours ago, haylau said:

I think we will need some real examples. Which product? Show us the screen prints from the carrier settings page etc 

ANY product or total. When it's under $9.98, it shouldn't be an option to be selected, but it is.





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I believe it's because you set 'Out of range behavior' to 'Apply the cost of the highest'.

When the cost is $5, it's out of range of <9.98 ... 9999999>. Carrier is not disabled, but the highest cost is chosen. There is only one range, hence the $20 shipping fee

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