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Is there one (third party) module that is essential for your (continued) use of thirtybees? If yes, please state what it does.

This question's purpose is to understand how to keep thirtybees as a viable solution.

For me, it's a connector to Amazon's EU marketplaces to import orders and sync stock.

In general, I'd also like to point people to https://syncspider.com/ It's a nice service that can replace quite a few modules. They're currently having problems importing Amazon orders but they're working on that.

The list so far:

  • Amazon connector (sync stock and orders to/from Amazon)
  • Prestalia Fastbay (sync stock and orders to/from ebay)
  • Prestools
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18 hours ago, Smile said:

I am also interested in Amazon, for me orders and quantities would be enough. What about you @30knees?

Likewise, orders and quantities. Products, pricing, etc. would be nice to have but are definitely not necessary.

My current module isn't supported anymore but I saw some others are available for PS 1.6, so that's nice.

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spacer.pnghttps://www.prestools.com/  I initially found it essential to regenerate images and now find it very useful to keep track and edit. If the author could offer and were invited to put his paid modules on the TB modules web pages, with a note saying "this works with the free Prestools program that runs in your backoffice folder" and a screen-shot, maybe that would encourage him to keep the thing going. Either that or just a free advert and link to his site with a screenshots to show the different style. I doubt Thirtybees would make anything on commission because, once the program is installed, a user will most likely buy the module direct. On the other hand this software might be a big help to anyone using Thirtybees or PS.

I've just removed the line that might be quoted below about a server being down today

Edited by veganline
(1) Very different style shown in screenshot (2) see next post
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22 minutes ago, veganline said:

https://www.prestools.com/ is down today; last seen on web archive three weeks ago.
I initially found it essential to regenerate images and now find it very useful to keep track and edit.

I have some trouble with the hosting. The website is still there but sometimes it initially says that it is down. When you refresh the page you will see that it is still there.

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