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Webp compression doesn't appear to work




I have recently migrated my site to 1.2.0 and I am try to add WEBP functionality. It all works but the WEBP compression settings have no effect on the size of the image. 

This is a bit of a problem as I have over 16,000 products, some with 4 images. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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Update out of date order

End of update; back to date order

I don't know how I did it, but nobody else has answered so here's what I know.

Method 1: free; wait & see. The bits of software that might be enabled on a shared server for image processing are low-powered and could take days. Thirtybees software keeps going for days with .JPEG files where Presta software just stops, but I don't  know about .WEBP files.

Meanwhile you can check, if you don't know, if there is any information on your server about image processing software like
CPANEL > PHP SELECTOR >  Extensions >  gd
or the rival called  gmagick; I think one of them should be ticked and  gd is the safer bet while  gmagick is a bit sharper but less often compatible. My hunch is that only one should be enabled. I suppose that some hosts let you see this information and others wait to be asked.

Overrides are another thing to check. If you have tried an image processing module and then deleted it or forgot it, it may have left a file that over-rides the default Thirtybees image processing.

Somewhere there are a free modules to check for over-rides made by other modules. The only one I can think of is part of the Prestoolsuite program that can run inside your backoffice directory, but that's a long way round if you don't have it already. It's good for checking photos though.

<update> This comes free with Thirtybees

Override check
Override check v1.1.0 - by thirty bees

Check which overrides are in use

</update> back to date order

Method 2: paid module (but see below)
There are several of them for PS1.6.1 that ought to work on Thirtybees. I suppose that means that other people have had the same problem. 

I used an old module from Codecanyon by Sunnytoo.com. I can't find it there now but they still sell a version for your Panda theme which you use so that's OK. I don't know if it comes with the theme.

The module installs an over-ride file in your code and may be over-riding default TB software if you have tried it. It only works with  gd, not  gmagick. If you have it enabled it looks like this on the list:

Front office Features
WebP module module v1.0.1 - by SUNNYTOO.COM

Use webp to speed your site up

Method 3. Free for bulk changes but awkward.
I said I don't remember how I shrank my webp files. This is a different way of doing it that I think was suggested by Pedalman on the forum somewhere, and I tried it. 

Use an FTP program to transfer a copy of your /IMG folder to your hard disc, then find free programs to work on it.

You need obscure free software that can edit all the image files in a directory and subdirectories while you make a cup of tea. "Recursive". That's a search term. There are two or three jobs to attempt.

  • shrink all photos in the directory and subdirectories to some maximum size like 50kb or 100kb if you think there might be some vast ones. Then...
  • shrink all photos in the directory and subdirectories by some reasonable percentage, like 40%, using trial and error on the fuzziest photos to see how far you can go.
  • repeat for new photos somehow at intervals. This is the awkward bit. It could be a good start for 16,000 products x 4 photos each, but for the odd new product, it's awkward; probably better to pay for a module.
  • ... is a thread suggesting this. 
    https://nikkhokkho.sourceforge.io/static.php?page=FileOptimizer is one such
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/icompress/ is another. I forget whether either can shrink all photos to a certain size but I think both can shrink by a percentage.
  • If you can do this you don't need to be told the next stages: Backup your original /IMG directory and use FTP to super-impose the shrunk one. Then: Keep an eye on your photos for a bit in case you see one that's shrunk too much.

I hope one of these methods helps
Good luck

Edited by veganline
maybe no need for a paid module on the latest code
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21 hours ago, Pedalman said:

Datakick, you made my day! Again!!! 😀



How can I get this commit other than going manually to github? I assumed that the "core updater" would fetch these commits?


The fix should be in 'main' branch, not in 1.2.x

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