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show delivery time & short description in cart


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Hi, i am looking for someone professional who can do the following for an German shop  with Chex module:

show delivery time for each item in cart  (source is the given delivery time from BO/catalogue from each item)

&  show a short description for each item in cart  (source can be the normal item description from catalogue with a truncate of e.g. 30 or so....)


Maybe @datakick can help and/or we do it as a forums benefit, as it is for his Chex module?  Means, we pay for this job and everyone can use these modifications if needed.

thank you

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From my understanding this is difficult to do as CHEX is run largely with script

I did manage a similar effect with file module/chex/classes/manager.php

Around line 270:


‘name’ =>$prod[‘name’]


  'name' => $prod['reference'].PHP_EOL." - ".$prod['name'].PHP_EOL." - Current Stock Level:  ".$prod[stock_quantity].PHP_EOL." - Unit Price:£  ".$prod['price_wt'],


Gives this effect


I know that is not what you want, but perhaps playing with different filenames will achieve what you need?

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