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Shipping, delivery time bug?



Hi Guys,

I have set up 3 differient shipping options in my webshop, all 3 with individial transit times. The first option is just a pick-up point (free), the other two options are carriers (with shipping cost).

  1. Pick up point: collect your goods by appointment, no shipping cost
  2. Shipping option 1 - 1-3 days delivery time
  3. Shipping option 2 - 1 week delivery time

At the "check out" the delivery time text of all shipping options defaults to the transit time of the "pick up point" option. Meaning all shipping delivery times defaults to the text: "collect your goods by appointment, no shipping cost" at checkout.

I would like it to show the individial transit time for each shipping option at check out. It is kinda weird that it does this, could it be a bug? Or am I missing something?

I have attached some screen shots (front and back office) to show what i mean.





Back office, shipping.png

Front office, check out .png

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