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What is Thirtybees alternative to Prestashop "Home text editor" module? Is it possible to use CMS for your homepage content?



Hello people, on my Prestashop site, the homepage content is done via the "Home text editor" module. The content created with this PS module will be shown as your homepage (your website URL).

On my new Thirtybees site (not yet online and in maintenance mode for development), there is no module like the "Home text editor" utilized with Prestashop.

My website uses the Niara Theme with 3 columns setup, I am on Thirtybees Bleeding Edge 1.5 under PHP 8.1.

I created a page using the HTML Block module and set its Hook for "Homepage content," but when viewing the homepage with a smartphone, it doesn't look too good, the content is not centered (Top Image) and there is no padding at all on both sides. The text is almost going out of the screen in portrait or landscape mode. The page text alignment is set to "Justify."  The page looks fine when viewed on a PC, however. When comparing the padding (both sides) for the CMS pages and the page created with the HTML Block, it is different on the HTML Block content where the Padding is less (or not at all).

Still, all the pages done via the CMS module shows great and is responsive to whatever you use to display the content of the website.

Is there a way to use CMS to create the homepage content? It seems impossible to set the Hook to Home, no way to transplant it either.

I am missing something here, is there a particular module to create the homepage that I missed!

Can anyone replicate the problem I see with the HTML Block content not showing correctly when viewed in Portrait (or in Landscape) mode on a smartphone?

Does the HTML Block module need modification to add Padding on both sides?

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.



I have done a workaround by adding my content inside a table with margin set to 15px like this:

<table style="margin-left: 15px; margin-right: 15px;">

content in here...


But I still think that this should be done automatically via the module or a CSS for this module when the HTML Block module is used in the Homepage content hook.





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On 7/14/2023 at 8:49 PM, nickz said:

How about the Theme configurator?

That one could work.

I tried to add html in the Theme configuraton for the Home hook and transplanted the module to the this hook, but the content doesn't appear on the homepage.

This module seems to be only to add images...



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