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What (free) compatible themes for latest TB 1.7 are you using?


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Hello, I know that there is a specific section for Themes here, but I just wanted to ask you here for suggestions.

The online shop I'm looking to begin with: Clothes.

I really like the new PrestaShop 8 style: similiar to this. But, as I don't want to install PS...

I would like to ask you about what themes are you using for your current online shops, compatible with the latest TB 1.7. And, if possible, for free.


Thank you.

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9 hours ago, elund said:


The latest stable version of TB is 1.4 and not 1.7.
Prestashop 1.7/1.8 modules/themes are not compatible with TB 1.4.
You need too look at themes for Prestashop 1.6

I am using this theme: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme,
but maybe you should wait buying it until they release the promised update for TB.

BR Elund

Yeah, you're right. I just made a mistake with the PS version XD

The Panda theme seems very customizable. Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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Sunnytoo just wrote we should use Prestashop 1.8 and they would not offer a Thirtybees version of their theme Panda.

I am disappointed since I really waited for it and am now in the rain again. I do not know if there are any themes out we can use with TB despite the default one.

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On 8/25/2023 at 12:15 PM, Pedalman said:

Sunnytoo just wrote ... and they would not offer a Thirtybees version of their theme Panda.

I don't think they ever wrote that. They wrote 3 months ago that they have not done the update.

Latest message from today is that they will release a new Thirtybees version next week :-)

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On 10/3/2023 at 1:08 PM, Willy said:

Unfortunately they never did 😞

They have actually released a version 1.6.0 - please read the last post in this thread:


I have received this version - with some delay - today, but not tested anything yet.

Edited by elund
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48 minutes ago, Beeta said:

Have you noticed any issue with TB 1.5?

No, not yet 😉 I have upgraded my production site a week ago.

But not sure that the theme is compatible with PHP8.
I tried once to change to PHP8, but something with the menu broke.
So still running PHP7.4 and have yet not investigated the issue further.

Edited by elund
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