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Migration to thirtybees - out of memory


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I am on my hosting memory_limit = 512M, and server API  LiteSpeed V8.0.1 Cloudlinux 1.3

modules enabled: 

Artichow, Banner block, Cargus  - by Complete Web,  Cart block , Cash on delivery (COD)  , Categories block , CMS block  , Cron tasks manager , Cross-selling , Currency block  , Custom CMS information block , Customer data privacy block, Customer follow-up , Customer loyalty and rewards  , Dashboard Activity , Dashboard Goals , Dashboard Products , Dashboard Trends , Data mining for statistics , Ei Captcha - by hhennes, Facebook Share Button , Favorite Products , Featured products on the homepage  Google Analytics , Google Analytics API  , Google sitemap , Image slider for your homepage  , Language block  , Layered navigation block , LiteSpeed Cache Plugin  Mail alerts , My Account block  , My account block for your website's footer , New products block, Newsletter,  Product Comments , Product payment logos block , Products category ,  Quick search block , RSS products feed , Site Verification  - by Mediacom87,  Social sharing ,  Suppliers block , Theme configurator , Top-sellers block , Top horizontal menu , User info block , Viewed products block , Watermark , Wishlist block 

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Looking at psonesixmigrator-v2.1.1 classes/UpgraderTools.php file, you can try set "Server performance" setting to "Low" inside your current PS 1.6 store. If it is not sufficient, you can lower values inside mentioned file (classes/UpgraderTools.php; lines 244 - 252).

BTW, are you getting some errors in your hosting logs?

If nothing helps, I would make a store and database copy locally, and try update here. If not successful either, I would disable (or uninstall) any third party modules.

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Not sure I understand. Should I change those values, maybe half of them in UpgraderTools:

// Performance settings, if your server has a low memory size, lower these values
        $perfArray = [
            'loopBackupFiles'        => [     400,      800,     1600],
            'maxBackupFileSize'      => [15728640, 31457280, 62914560],
            'loopBackupDbTime'       => [       6,       12,       25],
            'maxWrittenAllowed'      => [ 4194304,  8388608, 16777216],
            'loopUpgradeFiles'       => [     600,     1200,     2400],
            'loopRestoreFiles'       => [     400,      800,     1600],
            'loopRestoreQueryTime'   => [       6,       12,       25],
            'loopUpgradeModulesTime' => [       6,       12,       25],
            'loopRemoveSamples'      => [     400,      800,     1600],
I have already disabled the back-up, I only try o migrate.

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Do complete backup before any migrations first. Test migration on a copy (files and database) on your webhost or localhost. If migration is successful, you can use it as production then (in case you don't have any new orders, or other data).

If you're unable to find Server performance setting, lower values in UpgraderTool (it's a dirty solution, but may work).

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