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Updating TB to 1.5.0 results in server error 500



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Thanks for the tips 🙂

Looks like I have/had 2 problems.

First an override of hook.php made by Express Cache 3, which was not installed anymore.

Second Collect PHP Logs v1.1.1, which I had to uninstall.

After removing these 2 issues it was possible for me to update to TB 1.5.0.

But if I tried to re-install Collect PHP Logs v1.1.1 again, then I get server error 500 again.

So Collect PHP Logs v1.1.1 does not work in my environment.

Edit: Found a version Collect PHP Logs v1.3.0 on Github, so the module works now 🙂

BR Elund

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I had tons of problems upgrading as well.  What I ended up doing, migrating from 1.3, was:

Disable all non native modules.  Disable all overrides.  Flush all the caches.  Migrate with the Core updater to 1.4.  Flush the cache.  Delete TB updater.  Flush the cache.  Migrate to 1.5.  Flush the cache.  Enabled overrides and modules.  Got a 500 error.  Checked the log.  Saw which modules where problematic.  Disabled them - just add a couple of characters in front of the module name, ex/: _name, and everything worked.  I noticed cache needs to be flushed often as some pages would not migrate and I add to run the updater a couple of times to fix the issues.  In the end, I have two problematic modules (out of roughly 150), that will need some fixing beyond the scope of my knowledge and I do need them recovered for full functionality, but everything else works like a charm, I preserved all my theme customizations and modifications.  It took me three days of trial and error to come up with this method, but when I did, it worked nearly effortlessly, if it can help anyone with heavily modified themes and modules and it barely took me an hour...

If I did not disable modules and overrides, I would crash while trying to upgrade to 1.4, for reference.  Disabling them made it so that I could proceed to 1.4 then 1.5.  Now I need to figure out the differences in the DB.  Some are easily fixed, others are more puzzling.

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