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Getting several white product pages, login page is now white as well.



I increase phpmemory in php ini.  I replaced class_index.php, I fixed permissions on the public_html folder, emptied all caches and disabled them all to see, seem to have all the required extensions...  Even teh cart is broken...  So I am at a loss.

I restarted Litespeed. restarted my cpanel.  Restarted my server.  Nothing.

UPDATE: It appears to be caused by a module.  If I disable all the non TB modules, the problem goes away...Now I disable all the newer modules, which brought me from 149 to 133.  But the problem remains.  It appears more and more like a javascript conflict but how to tell which one?  Everything was working fine until a couple of days ago.







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That is what I am doing.  I just wish there was a simpler way to disable all modules at once or to reactivate them all at once, or selectively.  The Bulk function right now is only to install or desinstall.  It would be great to be able to enable or disable in bulk too for troubleshooting.

I currently disable modules categories by categories and refresh the pages between each...


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On 11/6/2023 at 2:57 PM, the.rampage.rado said:

Install Collect PHP Logs and see what is causing the problems.

I would absolutely love to as it is a good idea and appears to work very well, but my version of TB is incompatible with Collect PHP logs as I am using 1.3.

The reason I am still on 1.3?  Several modules that we need to function do not work with TB 1.4 and definitely not on 1.5 for that matter, despite working with PHP 7.4 under 1.3. 

We also had lots of customizations that are essential to our business - we are slowly moving them to modules, whenever we can, some with our limited knowledge, some we paid fo the modulisrtion but there is a lot to do on that front. 

We try very hard to minimize the use of overrides and changes to the pages other than the theme itself but it is not always possible.  Some modules just straight up stopped working - they are not causing any troubles - they just stopped working altogether.

I managed to create an installation of TB 1.5 and I am testing and migrating as much of our current functionalities as I can.

It is during that process that I encountered this new issue.

Sadly, more stuff will eventually break by the time we have to lockin with PHP 8 and higher.


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