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Backoffice Dashboard never register more than 3 visits even if Stats Page shows differently



I've noticed for a long time,  that on my Backoffice Dashboard page, the traffic source shown is always showing 3 visits, even if the stats for "Visitors origin" and "Visits and Visitors" is showing a lot more visitors. Visits and Unique Visitors are at zero, different of what it is on the Stats page.

My Thirtybees shop is not linked to a Google Analytics account.

I am on Thirtybees 1.5.0 latest as of today.

Any ideas for why this is happening?



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*** UPDATE***

When looking in my Error Logs, I can see these two warnings:

Attempt to read property "value" on null

Undefined array key


Could this be related to the problems with visits not being reported?

Any help would be appreciated...



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6 hours ago, datakick said:

Do you have latest module versions?

Yes, my Thirtybees 1.5 shop is always to date.

The Dashboard Activity module is v6.0.2.

I suspect this is caused with something in the database, maybe a table not configured correctly. My Thirtybees shop was a new install, not from a migration from Prestashop, however, I imported some tables from my previous Prestashop database (for customers/sales/inventory...) and renamed the tables for thirtybees and used the Database schema repair from the Core Updater tool.

On my Backoffice Dashboard page, the traffic source shown is always showing maximum of 3 visits.

However, the Stats shown under "Visitors origin" and "Visits and Visitors" from the Backoffice Stats page are recording visits properly for all periods.

I also noticed that on the Backoffice Dashboard page, there is nothing showing when I click on Year, just a white square like below.

Day, Month, Day-1, Month-1 and Year-1 are working like it should.


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