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Help test new version of stripe module


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Stripe is deprecating old source api soon, so we had to rewrite the module, and migrate all payment methods to use new PaymentIntents api. The rewrite is quite significant change, so I'd like to ask everyone to help with testing before we officially release it.

This new version also fixes couple of old bugs (related to webhooks, refunds, etc)




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new module version
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No problems so far.

I see that the module offers Stripe Checkout: https://docs.stripe.com/payments/checkout I have selected it.

Does the Checkout integration use this feature? https://docs.stripe.com/payments/dashboard-payment-methods Because I cannot get Apple Pay to show, see here: 


If Apple and Google Pay don't work, is it a major thing to implement them, perhaps using the dashboard payment method? See: 


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I've attached new version of module to the first post of this thread.

Couple of small issues were fixed.

I've also implemented two new payment methods - WeChat Pay and Sepa Direct Debit to test how flexible the new system is. I'm happy to note that it's quite easy to implement the methods now - it looks something like this: https://github.com/thirtybees/stripe/commit/a184785c0475310d7f72d2736d43b0c7e13fb219

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In OPC order mode, when customer logs in, the card data fields are not loaded. Only after refreshing page are these fields loaded.
Old version of module does not have this error.


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