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haha, well i think you dont have to be afraid os something. I have this as a test because i am not going to use it. If people come on that page they will have to know the exact url, i sont think customers will look for that. you can also block the page for being indexed so it doesnt appear in google etc. Maybe there is a solution on the livezilla help page. But as said its not that big as you think

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Nah, you were almost there! Revisit another day it will all fall into place.

Don't think your redirect is set up if your cpanel is similar to mine....

where the drop down box for ** all public domains ** is choose your website in case you have more than one

below that add livezilla/

redirect it to your index page copy/paste your exact url https://www.alwayspaws.com/

add and test should redirect to your index

0_1505508716234_Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 4.44.47 PM.png

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@baarssen said in Livezilla module for thirty bees:

Access your Prestashop files via FTP or Cpanel File manager.

Open there Prestashop / Themes / Your theme name folder, in our example the "default" theme is used. You can check the name of your theme in the Prestashop admin panel in Preferences / Theme.

Open footer.tpl file located in this folder.

Generate the LiveZilla Code as described on the left side of this page (How to get the Code).

Copy the code and insert it to the footer.tpl before closing tag.

Save your changes and upload your updated footer.tpl file to your FTP or Cpanel.

The chat button will now appear when you reload the shop page.

I just saw this now. Will it just be the chat button or window or everything on that page like we talked about?

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Your redirect doesn't seem to be working

The ** all public domains ** should drop down to yourwebsite.com / fill in livezilla here or whatever your named the livezilla directory since that is the directory you don't want to be seen

redirects to: https://www.yourwebsite.com/

leave redirect with or without www checked

click add

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