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I tried tawk.to but didn't like it and hated their rude Support. I have now been running Livezilla since June and love it. Did invest in the paid version.

They are also very responsive on email and all bugs I have reported have been fixed or set up to be fixed in their roadmap for coming versions.

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Hi @Briljander great to hear about livezilla!

Still waiting over two weeks for tawk.to to delete my account. You can't do it manually you have to request via email, now I know why I'm still waiting ;)

Do you use presto changeo module to add the livezilla code?

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I think tawk is easier to set up for someone who doesn't want to do a complete install without a quick install type of set up.

Livezilla is run on your own host set up the same as a TB install from scratch, so if you aren't comfortable with setting up a database etc tawk is easier to setup.

I personally prefer my chats, data etc on my own server, not a service provided by someone else.

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@tomik tawk.to is easy to set up but it didnt fit my needs. Also when redirecting mails from contact form on contact page tawk.to wanted to reply to my server who was the sender of the email and according to tawk.to there were no way of handling this. Livezilla solves this perfectly and also has a lot more features and are developed rapidly (check their roadmap on Trello).

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@vzex I generated the code from the link generator.

There are two choices now:

Dynamic Code This dynamic code updates automatically whenever you change a configuration in the Link Generator. Data pass-thru not possible with this code. and

Static Code This static code does not update automatically. You need to replace the code in your website whenever you change a configuration.

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@alwayspaws Under server config>enable visitor monitoring is checked

Link generator>I have dynamic not pass through.

I can see where all these new options can be confusing!

I just noticed in the presto module I DO NOT have hide livezilla checked since it's set for visitor monitoring in livezilla

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