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@lesley said in Force clear chrome cache?:

The only other thing I can recommend is to always change the resource url on update of a slider or theme image.

@vzex - how do you like the quoted part of the solution?

That's a great idea! This way we aren't losing anything in rankings because we're not creating a whole new URL. Is this correct, @lesley? If we are changing the whole URL, it's not what I want.

Didn't think about losing SEO juice by changing URL but I don't thing about SEO much anyway. I'm happy eating I don't need too many orders :)

I'm not a big fan of sliders so won't be using them, theme will probably not change so that quote probably doesn't apply to me.

Anything blinking, moving, or live help popping up asking if I need help is a huge distraction for extracting my money so I move on.

I know they are watching me shop :)

I'm an adblocking user on my desktop and phone for this reason too, sorry for the $$$ loss to those who count on ads. Nothing worse than videos auto playing or ads slowing down my mobile while I'm trying to send you money.

And yes, my current web site has livezilla, don't think I'll be moving it to TB though

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@alwayspaws been using it for years except I moved to mac and it's windows only. They have an app actually more of a browser for iphone that works though.

Once you set it up it's pretty easy to just copy paste the code into presto changeo free module: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-free-modules/18-custom-livezilla.html

There's that presto changeo again! :) They are the reason I backed elastic search, don't really understand it or know if my hosting allows it or if I really need it but their offer was too good to pass up and it was a way to give back to TB

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@alwayspaws livezilla update... Installed talk.to didn't like it so deleted it found out livezilla is now mac compatible after all these years! https://www.livezilla.net/downloads/en/

I've installed it with presto-chageo module above you can view customers online where they came from, search terms etc and you don't have to have the "we're on line chat" overlay button if you just want to monitor visitors.

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Not a module, you have to create a directory and database to install livezilla on your host just like a self install of TB, install the client on your mac, then connect the two.

The presto changeo module makes it a simple copy/paste to connect it all into TB once your web tracking/live chat info is generated within livezilla.

Might be able to paste the livezilla code into your custom code sections in Jonny's theme without it but the presto module makes it really simple, plus it's free ;)

I was thrilled to find they finally made a mac version after using it so many years ago on windows, just updated the latest version required by writing over all my existing files it recognized as an update then installed the mac dmg. Didn't loose all my previous data! It shows as a trial but after 30 days you get the basic free version which is all I've ever used.

You can leave livezilla client open in a separate desktop window it dings when you have traffic :)

I found talk.to timed out pretty quickly, just didn't like all the data on their server, this is on your own host.

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@vzex said in Force clear chrome cache?:

I don't think that ever happens! :) Good luck! Any questions just ask.

No it never happens so I went for it! I have questions!

What is the IP address for LiveZilla? SG said I have to "Add an Access Host" and this is why I get an error when I try to create tables for LZ.

Also they said: "You should whitelist the IP address from where the LiveZilla requests are coming from."

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Hmm a better integration module for LiveZilla would be nice, something so we can bring in a contact form that uses the system insted, since i dont like the costumer support thing TB og Presta got build in, and LiveZilla looks like something i would have to start investegating abit more.

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@bzndk and @vzex I installed LiveZilla again.

I'm trying to follow the instructions here but keep getting stuck:


I opened the LiveZilla Server Page and clicked Operator Console. Clicked the link icon and opened the Link Generator.

Preview and Get Code are greyed out.

0_1504977149763_cannot get code for livezilla.jpg

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