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  1. Hello guys, I have been trying to find a solution to the layered navigation price filter issue not working correctly, showing prices that are outside of the price range.. I googled it and found out that the same issue has been around since 2014(prestashop forum).. i wonder if somebody in here have same issues and maybe share how to resolve this.. many thanks!
  2. check your preferences -> SEO and friendly urls.. your setting might incorrect..
  3. right.. so, here is the setting you need to revert back to friendly urls.. hope it helps..
  4. Is it any easier than OpenCart. = debatable..Is it coded/documented better than OpenCart. = maybe not better documented.. but it is documented and the code is clean.Does it actually work? = absolutely works!Do the add-ons actually work? = the core addons works and there are hundreds of addons you can find at thirtybees store. Are there crazy nagging issues that plague everyone, and no one knows how to fix them? = my TB installs works so, no nagging issues.. there might be with third-party modules.. but that is another story and you can find developers that specialized in thirtybees to seek help.
  5. you don't have to touch the core code for the theme header.php and footer.php unless you want to change the theme/module hooks or add elements to html.. anyway, you can practically work on changing/implementing theme/design through css.. and the work on the modules positioning in your backoffice.. like @tommat said, those you see on the right side at the top are modules.. you can disable those from your backoffice/modules or unhook them from modules/positions.. you are wise to make a copy of the default theme and work on the copy.. way to go:)
  6. devjunckie

    Mail Alerts

    correct! the mail alert module is not included in the TB default install, but it is a free module that you can download here: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/mail-alerts install the module, and make your configuration.. hope this helps.
  7. devjunckie

    Multistore 404

    you dont have to change any folder.. once you created a subdomain, when that sub-domain resolves.. just point it as the main url for your second store. your virtual directory should be empty though..
  8. @jfnewell1965 have you tried viewing it in incognito mode? your browser cache, especially if you are using chrome, might need to be emptied.. otherwise, it might mean that the file wasnt changed at all.. or the server did not accept the changes you made. you can also, remove the TB cache from the advance parameters -> performance -> clear cache hopes this helps a bit.
  9. devjunckie

    CSV Upload

    the error is looking for a value of the root category.. it means that the root category is missing in your database 353. $this->_root_category = $value; 354. 355. return $this;
  10. hello Mari, I agree with danwarrior, we have had a client who wanted to have similar requirements you mentioned above, and it was kind of difficult to do it in TB.. anyway, we ended up doing it in WP and install a plugin that cater to the requirements set.. i love TB for it's simplicity, but WP will be your choice for selling online courses! hope this helps you decide what step to take.
  11. devjunckie

    Post Missing

    the error means that there is no root category in the database.. it is looking for it and returns a null value..
  12. .. normally, the modules for the theme automatically installs.. the system looks at the themes modules first then the core modules second.. so, any modules that comes with a certain theme is automatically installed these are found in themes/your_theme/modules.. the ones that you see that are not installed are most likely form the core modules of thirtybees, which are found in the /modules directory. I would not recommend removing the core modules.. what I would do is to unhook it if I dont need it. i hope this helps a little bit.
  13. the answer is yes.. you can do that with css..
  14. i have been using thirtybees for about a year now.. form prestashop 1.6x.. and I agree, thirtybees is the future of prestashop 1.6x users.. what I love about thirtybees is it doesnt have as many bugs as prestashop.. there are still bugs that we, developers, need to resolve.. but that goes with the territory of almost all open source.. as you said, "there is still a need for someone to fine tune the installation" to get better performance.. as far as database tables indexing.. no, I dont think thirtybees has added addidtional indexing.. it is basically same as prestashop 1.6x. But overall, thirtybees checks the boxes for me..
  15. it might be related to your browser cache.. or you are editing the wrong element.. work first on your browser inspect then implement the changes to your css file.. as a safe practice, create an override css file inside the themes/your_theme/css folder.. as a practice I usually call it override.css.. hope this help you in any way.
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