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  1. You might consider to set up a demo for front and admin so people can check out ME before install it.
  2. Thanks for sharing the information. In that case, it is handling the gift cards also as simple cart rules and does not cover shipping cost (unless you offer free shipping).
  3. May I ask how that module is handling the gift cards at the checkout? Can the shipping cost also be paid by the gift card or is it also a simple cart price rule?
  4. I have also used the free module GiftCard3. The only downturn is, but I guess also for some paid modules, is that the gift card can only be used for products (it uses a voucher, cart price rule) and not for the total amount, which means that if you do not offer free shipping your customer will have to pay the shipping cost with credit card or whatever.
  5. Never said it does not look beautiful. I personally like the look of the default theme (niara), but compared to other default themes like Spree or PS 1.7, it looks old fashioned, but yes, you can handle that with some work on it. What I have more in mind is the admin area which I am very used to, but the design of the 1.7 admin area (even though it's completely finished) makes work a bit easier. As for now, I stay with PS 1.6 and really hope on the new team to bring TB back on track (at least with the basic system of improvements and updates, the design is secondary). Since I have learned a lot about the structure of PS 1.6 it's much more easy for me to make changes there or in TB than in the new Symfony framework of PS 1.7 or even a complete new shop system.
  6. That is one reason why we tend to switch to PS 1.7 in case the TB project does not get a future and a fresh design and have dismissed opencart as well as modified which we were considering as an alternative. We are really hoping that the new guys at TB will get back on track and might find the time to fresh up the design (not only the visible shop, but also the admin area).
  7. Frankly speaking, I'm still with PS 1.6 as there was no reason for change in the beginning times of TB and later there were some issues (uncertainty about the future of TB) that kept me away from using TB as productive system. Now I will see what today's outcome about the future if TB is and then decide if I'll keep an eye on TB or another system as we plan to update our shop in 2021. The best would be TB, but if we don't see or have the feeling that it will be a successful system, we think of giving PS 1.7 a chance.
  8. Let's see if it's like the Brexit with last minute agreement or if it will be a fork.
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