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URL with id_product does not work, needs id_lang




This seems like a bug to me. Is it truly one?

The URL shop.com/index.php?idproduct=50&controller=product&idlang=2 leads to the product, but the URL shop.com/index.php?id_product=50 does not, but the shop's homepage.

I would have expected the URL shop.com/index.php?id_product=50 to lead to the product page in the shop's default language, but not to the shop's homepage.

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That gives me this error:

[Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead: shop.com/index.php?idproduct=50&controller=product&idlang=2

Basically it figures what you want, but instead of redirecting immediately, it displays the redirection URL. This is probably by design.

I didn't try, but there's Backoffice -> Preferences -> SEO &URLs -> Set up URLs and inside this panel is a menu allowing to choose between 'No redirection', '302 moved temporarily' and '301 Moved permanently'. I'd try these three choices, looks like one of them should give what you want.

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@traumflug Yep, the "No redirection" worked for @bzndk's suggestion. Thank you!

Generally speaking, though: Having shop.com/index.php?id_product=57 should be enough for the system to figure out what product is intended.

In my old shop software, you could give a URL like that and depending on the user's browser settings, it would show one or the the other language.

As the default URL is shop.com/index.php?idproduct=50&controller=product&idlang=2, it makes sense to be able to simply cut off the parts after id_product=50 and not rearrange the URL (thinking of copy and pasting URLs to different pages).

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