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TB Google Analytics Module causing load delay and flickering in front and back office


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Yeah, this is something I have noticed as well, that I would attribute to google. I first noticed it on a site I use for tracking SEO rankranger.com I thought it was because of oh how they were using node. Then after we added Google Optimize to the google analytics module I noticed it on my dev site. What the issue is, is if you are using Google Optimize, they white the screen out and delay the showing of the screen.

This should only be happening if you are using Google Optimize and have an id entered. See here in the code, https://github.com/thirtybees/ganalytics/blob/master/views/templates/hook/analyticsjs.tpl#L26 That line is hiding the contents of the browser window, then this line, https://github.com/thirtybees/ganalytics/blob/master/views/templates/hook/analyticsjs.tpl#L29 is showing it 4 seconds later. You can edit the file and manually adjust the timer to less than 4000 milliseconds. The reason I used that value is because that is what the Google code uses. Here is a screenshot of what they give me in my account, notice the highlighted line, https://www.screencast.com/t/WkNFXg6h

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Can this be related to a slow loading BO/orders page?

It takes about 7 secs to load and the Ajax circle is spinning. Very annoying. I already posted related to this but to no avail so I wonder that GA Optimized might be the reason? Anyway, after deactivating the module the hickups were not much better.

Browser tools name Google related stuff but I have no clue that all: alt text

alt text

And btw what does "UserID tracking" mean? Thefunction of the module is not very clear to me. Sorry

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