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1.0.4 soon?


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We are planning to release a release candidate this week I think. We are going to go through the RC process because of the new stat module that eliminates the 23 separate modules. It adds a new controller, so we want to be sure everything is working before we release it. It might also include some scaffolding for new features in the 1.0.5 release too.

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Great. Hopefully the new stats setup is working perfectly. We just really needed to test some logic on deleting the old modules on upgrade, while at the same time a new build installer missing 23 modules and 1 new module. Should also speed up installations as well.

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Hello, sounds interesting and should be the correct way :) Thank you for this.

One question: we want to use TB mainly as a "simple onlineshop", in the BO we do not need a lot of statistics, invoices, delivery notes or something like that. We do this by an separate offline-software called JTL Wawi, which is connected with TB by the JTL Connector. This Connector does not support 100% of the functions, but i think it is ok and we can work with that. Maybe JTL will expand the Connector in the future for more functions.

Would it be easier for us to deactivate / to delete the main statistic module from the new version of TB , to get an leaner BO system and maybe an faster shop? Or there are a lot of things which are needed by the shop himself and the core, so that we cannot deactivate such things?

thank you!!

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clean install of 1.0.3, then uninstall ALL stats modules, then ftp delete all stats modules, then ftp all 1.0.4 files over 1.0.3, then edit config/setting.inc.php to say 1.0.4, then edit tb_configuration to say 1.0.4, then install stats modules...... good to go with 1.0.4. so far.....

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