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Newsletter is a required field....surely not right?


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I've just been informed by someone trying to order on our website that they are unable to do so unless they tick the "subscribe to newsletter box" on the checkout.

I have just tried to place an order myself as I thought this can't be right, but it is.

You can't order unless you subscribe to the newsletter which is against GDPR rules.

See screenshots below. I even have the newsletter option disabled in the backend so it shouldn't even be showing at all.

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm using the standard thirtybees template and 5 step checkout.



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@spidawebs I just checked our installation and we don't have this issue. We have 1.04 installed, we ran 1.03 before and never had this issue. Maybe this occurs in combination with a module you've installed.

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Cool :) so solved. I also did not know why these tickboxes are so hidden, and they are also twice (in your menu screenshot above and in this section again...). Maybe these tickboxes override the settings in the menu above and a programmer should have a look at this to fix it or to bring some light to us ?! @traumflug ?

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