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A few questions if I may


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Hi . Sorry for so many questions But how can I remove the date of birth on both sign up pages. I tried following the prestashop utube video by commenting out the code but it hasn't worked..

Also I use the side for categories on the default template so the facebook/twitter buttons get all squashed up is there any way to move them to just below the image.

Also on the main page (new arrivals/popular) when you mouse over a image or product you see the entire square around that certain product , is there anyway to make it permanent, I think it looks better , then when you mouse over it changes to how it does now

I have many many more questions ,but will ask those later

Thank You

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OK no problem..Was trying to avoid giving my link out in a forum website details deleted

re the date .. I have commented it out as per the utube video but they still show. Although I do have the 1 page checkout online from Datakick and it's not showing , until I have deactivate it again

Thank You for answering

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themes / community-theme-default / authentication-create.tpl

change default code


{* {l s='January'} {l s='February'} {l s='March'} {l s='April'} {l s='May'} {l s='June'} {l s='July'} {l s='August'} {l s='September'} {l s='October'} {l s='November'} {l s='December'} *}

to ```

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Thank you.. I've change the code and it is still showing the date of birth..Added it again in case I made an error I've also turned off all cache tabs in admin Even went as far as using ms edge which I have never used to see if it was working there Also deleted anther theme I had Very weird

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Instead of adding HTML comment signs, like @colorful-ant did, one can also simply remove this code section.

Also make sure to delete the cache or set Smarty cache to Recompile templates if the files have been updated after doing so. Both can be done on back office -> Advanced Preferences -> Performance.

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