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Onepage Check-out like presta 1.7


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I use the Knowband on one of my stores. I initially had a number of problems with it that took a couple of months to resolve, it ended up with having to give them access to patch it and those updates made it into a later update. At first they tried to charge me for their time to fix the issues but eventually they backed down and fixed them. The main issue was it didn't work with the 'move javascript to the end' and it had a number of timing issues.

I'd say the checkout itself is quite good, though I've had to put in a couple of frigs myself in relation to default states/cities as I have variable shipping prices depending upon location. However, I'd say their support is 'cowboy' level as I've seen with a number of module developers. Saying that, I've been using it since then with no problems.

That Presteam one sounds interesting, might have to take a look at that. When I bought the knowband I think it was the best available at the time.

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EDIT: thank everyone for the replies. I've created a separate topic for this, so I don't spam this original one

Hi guys,

I'm creating my very own paid OPC module. It's still work in progress, there is at least one week of work left.

However, significant part of the module is already done, and I'd really like to hear your opinions. Both on checkout flow / design / etc.

What's different in this OPC: - I tried to reverse the flow a bit -- I want to give the customer the option to choose shipping and payment option first, before the personal information. - I've incorporated login into the flow directly -- if you enter the email that already exists, you'll be prompted for password and log in immediately. If email does not exists yet, you'll continue with guest checkout

So, if you have a minute, please have a look at demo account and try it out. Just remember - it's still work in progress -- you can't actually complete the order, and checkout for logged-in customer doesn't work at all.


EDIT: thank everyone for the replies. I've created a separate topic for this, so I don't spam this original one

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Cart should be on the right, customers are used to this with every other store they probably shop at.

Email should be asked for first (think abandoned cart emails).

If you want an incredible checkout to mimic, take a look at chewy.com. It's the best out there. So easy to use and understand.

The shopping cart / checkout experience should be the #1 thing on Thirtybees list of things to upgrade. Not sure why they aren't taking care of this sooner. The old PS 1.6 (and now Thirtybees) checkout is god awful. It's a conversion killer.

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