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@lesley PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE migrate to Xenforo!!!!

The resource manager of xenforo could be really great for addons/tutorials and other content.

take a look here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/have-you-seen/ https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ Resource example (with dedicated tabs for updates, threads, versions and more): https://xenforo.com/community/resources/conversation-essentials.6694/

The resource manager is great for listing but also for give feedback to users about the specific addon.

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I was actually thinking about Invision Board. I like the fact that it has blogs that users can start on the board, https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content#blogs I think it could better organize information that really should not be forum posts like tips and tricks. Also the galleries could be modified to connect to our store to show the modules that users have created, https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content#gallery

I am still in the early stages of looking at things though.

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Please stay away from IPB! Plus the IPB Gallery is not meant to do that, the XF Resource Manager can include to each specific resource (a resource can be for example an addon/plugin/theme) images, discussion, reviews, changelogs and internal/external link to download/pay it, etc. Maybe "Downloads" from IPB can do some of that.

Another thing is that IPB and addons cost more (license expire in 6 months and not 12.)

Xenforo have some great and reliably thirtparty developers, one of them is "Bob". He developed some great addons like Article Manager System seamless integrated with the forum, take a look here: https://xenaddons.com/ He strictly follows XenForo code standards so his add-ons are very solid and really close to the official ones. Contact him directly and chitchat a little bit with him I think that he will give better info about his addons. https://xenaddons.com/misc/contact

One example from a production law website with AMS: https://www.thelaw.com/ One example from a production film school portal website with AMS and Blogs https://www.filmschool.org/blogs/

Some different examples are MacRumors.com and IGN.com that are using XenForo for their forum/communities.

Blogs can be used with comments and/or thread discussion attached to it. If a new blog is created a new thread can be created to a specific forum/node automatically.

Take a look to the XF2 developer's docs too. https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/dev/

p.s. About the specific and very solid Blog add-on for XenForo, I will contact you in private.

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