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Slowness & excessive I/O Usage and IOPS when accessing Advanced Parameters -> Configuration Information


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I've found another slowness. I run TB1.0.7 migrated from PS1.6.1.20 and the problem also reproduced under PS. See if it can help to identify any fault:

When I click on Advanced Parameters -> Configuration Information the loading time is large. Here a profiling:


Doubles seem to be OK:


But meanwhile, in the server:


When the page finishes loading, I/O Usage and IOPS return to normal values.

I'll be happy if this info helps to find a possible bug, and I'll be happier if it can be solved.

Additionally (and surely not related to this issue) the Changed/Missing files in Configuration Information warns about this missing file: public_html/administrationfolder/autoupgrade

CC: @datakick

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Phew. 56 seconds to go through all the files. For comparison, here's what I get in my development setup: about one second. And that's with an additional test searching for obsolete files already.


This said, doing these tests is the whole intention of this page. They run only there, customers never see this. And merchants only when doing shop software maintenance.

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This is very strange. There's absolutely no reason why AdminInformationController should take so much time to load, as there's no business logic inside initContent method at all. Missing files list is generated after the page is loaded using ajax call.

@cprats - is it possible that you have override installed for this controller? If you have migrated from ps16, it's possible. To check, you can install thirtybees Override check module to see what overrides are installed on your server.

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No overrides for this controller, but I've found 155 overrides of a module (Marketplace, by Knowband) I used a couple of years ago but not longer in use and even deleted. What a mess! Also, there is an override for nocaptcharecaptcha module, which I uninstalled after testing it. Is it safe to delete all these overrides?

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@datakick the problem was the Knowband Marketplace module old overrides. I've deleted all of them using the Override check module, and I've also had to delete manually a folder: override/classes/marketplace with 17 files: index.php, KbEmail.php, KbGlobal.php, KbPerProductSellerShipping.php, KbReasonLog.pgp, KbSeller.php, KbSellerCategory.php, KbSellerCRequest.php, KbSellerEarning.php, KbSellerMenu.php, KbSellerOrderDetail.php, KbSellerProduct.php, KbSellerProductReview.php, KbSellerReview.php, KbSellerSetting.php, KbSellerShipping.php, KbSellerTransaction.php. I list them here for knowledge base purpose. Now I/O Usage values are normal. Profiling gives a more reasonable load time, but still the double of that shown by @Traumflug : 0_1540724036718_profilingconfigurationinfo.jpg

Thanks to you all. I've learned more in 20 days in this forum than in six years in the PS forum.

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