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Hi I sure I had it working , but tonight a customer sent an email saying why they had to opt into receiving a newsletter and receive special offers as it is against EU regulation 0_1542149442322_1.JPG0_1542149455895_2.JPG

I've tried a few things in FTP / authentication-create.tpl but they still ask for authentication even after they have been removed ...How do you turn these off so they can choose to tick boxes rather than have to


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lol, I wish I could you have to tick sign up for newsletter and receive special offers, if you don't you get that message and back to sign up page .. I tried to remove the code as some suggested in prestashop sites but it still asks me to tick even though the boxes are not there to tick same with disable even though disabled it is 1 endless loop maybe you can try and see if it happens to you www. pewterjewellery. co. uk/login This morning I tried to disable all modules and it still didn't work

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Are you kidding meeeeeeeeee , yes that's what I was after .. I looked in there but didn't see that box .nor would I have thought it would be what I was after .Would have thought it would have been with the rest of it under Preferences / Customers Easy when you know how lol But thank you for pointing me to the right place , works fine now

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