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Sorry for late answer,I didn't get the notification. I want the customer to upload his image and to be printed on a t-shirt, or bag or mug. Something like: https://simedio.fr/apps/zakeke?pid=549286117410. I saw a similar module on Prestashop site and also on https://www.zakeke.com but I would prefer to buy it from a Thirty bees developer.

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@led24ee yes it is, but is very basic. The customer is only able to upload a photo, or a text and cannot see how his photo appear on the product. Also the owner to cannot see the photo/placement of the text (or the fonts and size) or photo or at least to have the possibility to accept only specific dimension for photos.

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Good news (Maybe),

i'm looking for such a design module, too.

So i've contacted the developer of this PS Module:


And he said he has contacted TB for a Partnership.

So if everything works fine, we could see such a module in near Future on TB.

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If you are looking for a web to print module you can also check this one https://pitchprint.com/

The latested module for 1.6 https://github.com/pitchprint/prestashop/releases/tag/9.0.6-ps1.6

I have been using this one since 2015 on PS 1.6. It's a bit difficult to setup the products and to understand how the app work at first. But it has allowed us to speed up the production for customized products a lot.

Since it's a third tier app, you need to pay a subscription of 45$ per months instead of just buying the module though. I didn't tested it on Thirty Bees for the moment but it should run.

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Well, it really is more a question of what kind of products you wish to customize, how many of them do you have, and how do you plan to integrate it in your production cycle. (If you sell 2 t-shirts every 3 months, a module bought on the prestashop addons is indeed enough.)

45 bucks per month is really cheap for the end result (PDF and possibility to add bleeding lines, margins on templates, quite useful if you are a printer). We use it mainly to integrate SVG files with already premade cut borders in the customization for our engraver. Which mean our operator don't have to add them on each product bought by our customers. And with an average of 100 customized orders per months, what we loose in money we definitely gain in man-time.

You can also get a look at this tool. It's far more pricier than the previous one, but well since the topic is about customization modules, it can always be of use to someone https://www.designnbuy.com/

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So bad to see that nothing happens here.
The Developer tried 3 times to get contact about a Partnership,
but got no Answer from TB.

That's very bad, because i think TB is missing such kind of module very bad.

I got the latest TB Newsletter, where they want you to migrate to TB instead to PS 1.7 because the Sopport for PS 1.6 has ended.
But all the Shops using any kind of Design Module will never be able to migrate to TB, since there is no such module on TB.
And since the support has ended they'll not know how long it takes until the PS module-developer will also not support the 1.6 tree anymore, 
which can also make them stop working on TB in some future update.
And on this Module it has allready become truth, because all new features are only in the 1.7 Version of this module and 1.6 and therefore 
TB will get only an old Version with most features missing.

Here is a developer with a module - which could bring new stakeholders to TB -  trying to Partnership with TB, but TB just don't answer...

So Sad...

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