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New instalation Admin backend doesn't work



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7 hours ago, lesley said:

Turning debug mode on are you able to see any errors? 

I tried that, but there's no output from server or php on /admin dir. It seems to me there is some miss configuration on my localhost. I have set up store on live server without problem today, but i need to figure out how to run it locally to make few customization.

7 hours ago, AndyC said:

Also try reinstalling only admin ...Might be some failed files


How can i reinstall only admin?

3 hours ago, yaniv14 said:

Do you use Uppercase letters in your shop folder/url?

No it's just /admin

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14 hours ago, Johhny said:
No it's just /admin

Just admin/, not something like adminr34ft45/? The first attempt to log into admin should rename/obfuscate the name of the admin folder. With FTP one should see this new name. One can also use these links shown on the last page of the installer.

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