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How to change the address bar color



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Just out of curiosity, and to find the best fix....

In my theme header.tpl from the theme currently in use I can not find the rule.... But I do see it in the live site.... In TB yellow.... 

<meta name="theme-color" content="#fad629">

Also not in the: community-theme-default


Where does it come from?

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I have installed thirty bees twice from a2Hosting through cPanel, and both times I get the yellow address bar on mobile devices and I can't find where to get rid of it!

I have also never set it to anything, especially not that bright yellow!

I have added the <meta name="theme-color" content="#3260a8"> to every header.tpl file that I can find, and it is not changing the address bar in the mobile apps.

None of the files had had that line already there!

Any help would be great, thanks!

https://mymembershipcards.com and https://fighterbranded.com

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Where do you delete it from? That is what I keep asking?

I have so far gone through every single file in the theme to try and find where it is set and now I am going to start going through the actual code for it. This is being set during install of the software and there does not seem to be an easy way to change it or get rid of it.

I know it is there with the fav-icons, how do you get rid of that?

I never put the code there and I am not finding where to get rid of it!

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Actually, the best way to change this, and will keep this from being changed each time an update is done.

Login to the Admin Dashboard -> "Preferences" -> "Themes"

Click on the tab "Icons" and scroll down to the "Faveicon metas" section.

At the bottom of that listing are two lines with the color code. If you change those, then it will change and keep the new color code through future changes.

No need to manually edit files, or to have to keep changing them when you make site changes and updates.

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