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Expires Headers


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What is your take on these .

I was testing my website on nibbler and it says I needed to add some expire headers on a few items. So I  was trying to find out how to add them or at least how to add them and came across a article advising not to use them


So which way is best , or does it not even really matter either way... 

I am only asking as my site is 5 months old now and have not made a single sale , which is why I am trying to see what else I need to do


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I am sorry to hear, that you havent got a sale yet. Do you have your own products or dropshipping?

My opinion is this: Your question is quite advanced. You are probably trying hard to improve your seo and get sale that way. I believe you focus too much on this "details" and you could probably use your time otherwise to get some sales. Its just the way I think, please dont take it as any attack or so 😉

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It takes time and it depends on what you sale. We are now 1,5 years live online and my experience is that i get the most sales from product dat are not longer produced (market is getting empty) and limited releases, with these products my site is on the first page of google. Products that you find anywhere online are hard too sale or you have to invest a lot of money in adwords.

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If you are selling same stuff as lot of other stores, than start is hard, as you are basicaly unknown and without reputation.

It's little easier if you have a niche that is not very widely distributed and people have interest for it.

I remember my start from 8 years ago, that first 5 months was realy bad, but I have a special niche with products that I make by my own.

Once brand is known it gets easier.

My only marketing are satisfied customers as i don't advertise anywhere.

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Well you could call it dropshipping .. I am selling a lot of unique items of jewellery and as far as I know I am the only one selling these (apart from him) + from another site that I keep stock of . I've tried to use different wording to these websites apart from sizes and the fact it's Pewter...If I search for an item they always most appear on google around page 1 to 3 ( very few on page 1) ... It was really a test site for my main website which is with the dated Zencart..But I'll keep plodding along and carry on with products and page SEO

Anyway was just wondering what people thought of expired headers

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