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The mysterious cheque module



Not a bug, just a little inconvenience...

I have a shop that was upgraded from Prestashop. Under PHP 7.2 it gives those annoying count() warnings for the file cheque.php of the cheque module - even when it is not installed. When I checked it was still the Prestashop module. 

So I had a look at a fresh TB installation. It contains a /modules/cheque directory with a translations subdirectory. But it is not in my list of modules that I can install in the backoffice.

So I am a bit puzzled how Thirty Bees is dealing with this module. Does it have such a module or not? If it has it would be nice when this PS version is overwritten during migration.

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I know that. 

My points are that some weird things happen:

 - the module is not replaced during migration from Prestashop and not during upgrade either

 - the module is not visible in the backoffice. So unlike other modules from which only the translation directory is present it is impossible to install this - unless you take the extra effort to go to the store or Github

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