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Sync all contacts not working


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@30knees said in Sync all contacts not working:

The sync appears to be one-way only, from shop to MailChimp.

What's the best way to feed back to tb the unsubscribes and bounces that MailChimp receives? I'd like to keep the tb database current.

Are you sure it's not done. I am quite sure, that I was testing it with @mdekker .

@lesley I think it should be done, otherwise your get a complete mess as a shop owner.

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@wakabayashi I can only export from tb to MailChimp. I don't see any way to update the list. Clicking Sync in the module in tb only pushes to MailChimp.

@lesley I agree with @wakabayashi. One dataset is fed by the other. Of course there should be a way to sync.

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@wakabayashi said in Sync all contacts not working:

Well I don't know what you are talking about. But I just unsubscribed a contact in mailchimp and it auto unsubscribed him in the BO of my TB. So probably we don't talk about the same. Is it different when an user unsubscribes?

I just tried that, didn't work for me. So neither a manual nor a subscriber unsubscribe gets synced back to tb.

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