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So, I've now got my zen cart products migrated to my new thirtybees shop, which is currently in a sub-folder and now needs to be moved to the root. I tried to do this earlier but it didn't work. It appears I need to change the configuration file by removing the 'test' folder from the url so that it's just my normal shop website address lovely-gifts.co.uk. However, in admin panel, I went to advanced parameters where it has configuration details, but there is no option there to amend it.

In the actual files, I headed to folder 'config' and then opened 'config.inc.php' thinking this was the one, but it's not. Can someone point me in the the right direction please? I am sooo close now and this is the final 'hurdle' to getting my thirtybees install live...

Thanks in advance.



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Posted (edited)

Should be like this:

Log in to your shop as the administrator.
On the top menu bar, click Preferences, and then click SEO & URLs.
Scroll down to the Set shop URL section.
In the Shop domain text box, type the new domain name that you want PrestaShop to use.

but you can run the shop also in a subfolder.  And there should be attention if you are in the same domain, but in a separate or new folder.

Here are all informations that fit for thirtybees too:
read carefully and do it right  ;)   and in case that this does not work,  have a look into the database  (as written)  and change it there. 

Sometimes you should also have a look into   /config/settings.inc.php   and connection to database can also be checked:

define('_DB_SERVER_', 'your.sqlhost.name.com');
define('_DB_NAME_', 'database_name');
define('_DB_USER_', 'database_user');
define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'database_pswd');

and i have deleted all files  !! except  index.php !!   in  /cache/smarty/compile und /cache/smarty/cache  

Then everything should be fine! 

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Every time I ask a question on here, I get a really quick response and it resolves my issues. I can't thank everyone enough. It was really easy in the end haha. One last question, I've noticed that some images are not appearing on my website, but they are showing up in back office where you add the products, so I can't understand what's going on there... can you give me a pointer please/. I've cleared the cache. Not sure what else I can do. I tried deleting and adding the image again but this still didn't work. Prob something simple but stupid me can't find the answer. thanks in advance.

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Rebuilding thumbnails should help. Back office -> Preferences -> Images, last panel.

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Ahh I did wander if I needed to click on them. I've started doing it but getting error message for some of them saying bad permission maybe. I've got all my folders set to 755 - do the actual images in the folders need to be 755 please? 

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Files uploaded in back office should have correct permissions.

If there are files uploaded by other means, e.g. FTP, one also has to watch out for the right file owner. To find out the right owner, one can look at a generated file, like the ones in cache/ or img/tmp/ (other than index.php).

Permissions 755 should work, ideal is 644 (read, write, but no execute permissions).

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Posted (edited)

Me again... Oh I'm banging my head on a wall. Ok, so the images problem. When I was regenerating the thumbnails, error messages would come up saying either some images were corrupt or bad permissions. I've been through all the folders and checked they are the right permissions, I don't quite know what you mean by checking the images for file owners,, however, what I do do with my images generally before uploading them is unblock them and check the permission... therefore, they shouldn't be a problem. They would show up on my zen cart shop so why not on here?

I tried deleting one of the products without image showing and redoing it, ensuring the image is unblocked and the right permission before uploading and the image then appears in the back office. However, still does not appear in my shop.

I've done some snippets of my shop to show what I mean..

I've been through all the menu options in the back office to see if there's something else I've missed but can't fathom it. Thanks in advance.


In addition: product image on some show up but then when you go into that particular product, it does not show. Upon hovering over the thirtybees default image, then product appears.. I must be missing something in the back office perhaps?





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