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Multi Store issue


I have a problem with multi store functionality after update from Prestashop to 30 Bees 1.0.8. 
Multi stores do not wotking now ((. Before update I has 5 multi-stores, each of them was have a url like domainname.com/shop1 , domainname.com/shop2 etc.

But after migration (no server-side changes was made) no one of multistores are working (( Working only main shop that have not any name after "/" (just domainname.com/)
I tried to modulate this situation in clean instalation and on thirtybees demo-site (on "centre1" shop) - have same result (
It is a big system bug or baybe I need some extra settings? 
Any ideas?



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Just found a regression, or at least a behavior distinct to PS.

If there are two (or more) multishops where one shop URL is contained in the URL of another shop, like


thirty bees would find the first one, while PS found the second, longer one. Not sure whether this applies to the case here, nevertheless thirty bees behavior now matches PS behavior again. This change will go into the next release.

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