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[solved] Core Updater - how to?


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Hello I am still missing a tutorial how to use the core updater module.


I am running now stable Thirtybees V1.1.0 and I understand that bleeding edge version refers to the version that can be testest and might improve things. But might also introduce new issues. So it is reflecting latest developing step but is meant for testing. But what are the 'new' versions called "issue-..." ?

Are they meant to be applied by merchants that prefer to run the stable version? So, they are patches we should install? If so, I guess we start with lowest number?

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Bleeding edge refers to the main branch - 1.1.x branch. It contains code that has been tested and approved for the next release. Everything that's in this branch will be part of upcoming release. If you have development / testing server, you should run it on the bleeding edge. Please report every errors and bugs on github. It's a good idea to include some magic keywords like 'Release preview' or 'Regression' into the issue title.

Issue branches contains code that is not yet integrated into the 1.1.x. The code is related to specific issue. This gives you option to test the fix on your test or production environment, and acknowledge whether it actually fixes the problem or not. Note that issue branches can contains non-finished work, so tread carefully. You should always read latest comment on the issue on github to see if it's ready for testing or not. 

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OK, so I have been watching this issue here for which I need an update into my production site.

I really do not want to add @Traumflug's code fixes from GitHub directly and in isolation as doing so could affect something else that I haven't yet updated that is also sitting under development.

So in order to immediately bring in his changes I would need to do a bleeding edge update into production, which you do not recommend (Understandably).

I cant really wait until it goes into Stable mode so what do you suggest?

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In this case, I would recommend you to update to bleeding edge. 

Bleeding edge should contain only tested and approved commits. There are no other tests planned for any work already submitted (there is no QA team that would do that). If some new bug was introduced, developers might discover it only by luck, during their regular work on other issues. Or it can be discovered by merchant testing of release preview. 

From this point of view, I do consider bleeding edge to be a stable release. 

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