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I'm afraid that can't be done at the moment. Email subject translation works strangely - thirtybees is going through all php files on your system and looking for this pattern

Mail::send(1, 'template-name', Mail::l('Subject'))

When it finds this pattern, it notes that email template with name 'template-name' uses subject 'Subject', and offers it for translation (translation is performed within Main::l method during runtime)

Unfortunately, this means that emails subjects and template must be hardcoded in the php code in order for them to be translatable. If there is some code that dynamically chooses email template, then translation doesn't work. Take following code for example:

$template = 'template-name';
$subject = 'Subject';
Mail::send(1, $template, Mail::l($subject));

It should, theoretically, do the same as the previous snippet. The only change is that constants are extracted to variables. But, in this case, thirtybees's static analysis is unable to determine the association between 'template-name' and 'Subject'

There are many emails in the system that are using this dynamic way. For example, emails regarding order status changes. Because order statuses are not hardcoded (you can create new one in back office), email subject can't be hardcoded in php codebase as well. And, therefore, they are not translatable using standard mechanism.

Note that order status change emails use order status name as a subject, so you can modify order status name to tweak email subject. Or, you can use my conseqs module and replace subject on the fly


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