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65196 products indexed, catalog no records found.

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According to the search in the back office there are 65196 products at joinsystems.org/shop and the products  often less images are showing up on the front end, but not in the catalog in the admin.  This never happened before in TB or PS.  Tried reindexing the products and came up with the same number as before but none show up in the tab products.  Ran check and fix in the TB cleaner module which corrected several errors involving products but still zero showed up in the admin catalog.   Any ideas what is the cause and how to fix?  

products no records found.PNG

65196 indexed products.PNG

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Is this a new installation because there also seems to be stuff on jointystems.org and jointsystems.org/shop

Did this used to work and suddenly stop? Or has it never worked? 

If it has never worked how did you get the products inserted in the first place?

If it used to work can you back track and consider what you have changed since it last worked?


Looking at the site there are a lot more issues than just no products in the back office

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This is not a new installation, it was converted to TB about a month ago and had been working fine.  I added thousands of products recently and after a search index update the backend catalog disappeared though the productsstill appear on the store.  As a work around I switched jointsystems.org back to a multistore with the shop being an addon.  I have put the shop in debug mode.


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