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Mixing the shipping options


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So i need more coffee and sleep and ideas. This can be easy to do but i cant get it in my head.

99% of our products are shipped via GLS, and uses flat rate for each country. Example Belgium 15€, France 20€.

Now we want to add clothes to shop, and clothes we want to use shipping like example 5€ for all EU countries and 7€ for USA.

I know i can add zones and prices via carrier but what happens if customer adds basic product (what has 15€ shipping) and t-shirt (what has 5€ shipping) to cart and goes to checkout? Ideal solution for this is that customer pays only 15€ shipping.

Ideas and anyone knows how this works?

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Yes..you just add the New shipping options to theses products but they should also be available to the GLS at 15 for EU. then customers can choisie GLS or cheaper for clothes and if you add another item then only GLS will be possible to use as shipping service.

That's all



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Product A - non cloth - Delivery limited only to 15€ shipping. (restricted to 1 delivery option only)

Product B - cloth - available delivery options: 5€ and 15€.  (not restricted to delivery)

Then it would be

Product A - 15€ only
Product B - 5€ and 15€
Product A+B 15€ only.

That's how it goes.

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i have another question to this topic.

I want to have the customer free shipping when cart is above 50€ but only when recipient adress is in Country A.

In all other cases, like rest of EU or world wide shipping, i don´t want the customers to have a free shipping. 

I just can´t figure out, how to make this work in tb...

Any ideas there?

EDIT: maybe also interesting for @toplakd @dynambee  @DRMasterChief?

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my solution now is, that when cart is above 50€ and the recipient adress is in country A, the customer can add a voucher wich makes the shipping free.

If the recipient adress is in another country of the world, he can´t add the voucher so shipping is not free. 

"Problem" (not for me actually but the customer) here is, that if he has cart above 50€ and adress is country A, he need to know about this voucher. If not he pays the shipping costs


It is ok, but I don´t like this solution so much.

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You can make country specific voucher that adds free shipping.

I have such voucher that adds 15% discount for local country only and is applied automaticly

If you already have such voucher, you should leave "Code" field blank (Caution! If you leave this field blank, the rule will automatically be applied to benefiting customers.)

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thanks! both solution are working.

I just saw that at the voucher I also can choose a specific "shippingzone" and not only  countries. Need to look better next time! 

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