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webp image option is gone

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Hi The ability to enable / disable webp is missing. I have used it before and all my product images is webp. Uses TB1.1.0 and Panda 1.5.3. All my images must be webp, but when I regenerate images webp images are not formed.

I've tried the following:

  • Clear Smarty cache manually
  • Enable Forcecompile
  • Delete and disable cache
  • Disable Smarty


Kind regards



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17 minutes ago, datakick said:

Your theme probably doesn't support webp. If it does support this feature, it must be marked in theme's config.xml file, like this

My themes config.xml file look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <version value="1.4">
        <ccc available="true" />
        <guest_checkout available="true" />
        <one_page_checkout available="true" />
        <store_locator available="true" />

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I use a module that makes use of the rosell-dk library and converts none wepb images if into the WebP format directly despite the fact that my Warehouse Iquit theme is not 'tagged as webp compatible'.

I think it works and wonder if could set this 'tag' in the database so Thirtybees thinks my theme is compatible. Then the option (I am missing it too) would reappear and I could perhaps deinstall my module..


(## To convert an image, using a stack of converters, use the *WebPConvert::convert* method. It is documented in [docs/api/convert.md](https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-convert/blob/master/docs/api/convert.md).


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