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Delete customers and orders dont work


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After successfully cloned our shop and made them with its own categories and customers its only one thing left. Take away order and customers from the nuw one to be able to start from scratch
There is a TB mudule for it but it seems that it does not work. I press the button but noything happens

And thoughts


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19 hours ago, Havouza said:

Yes, thats the module. . Perhaps the demo orders and customers are id special and this id is what is taken away. But for normal orders and customers it does not work. Stupid in that case

No, it works for all orders. If it does not work for you, then there is probably some permissions issue

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11 minutes ago, Havouza said:

Well the db user has all rights so I have hard ti see what can be a permission problem. But I just used sql to delete them and all seems to work. Its a one time thing anyway

The fact that the module does not work is a pretty red flag. There is something fishy there. If I were you I would try to figure out what it was, otherwise it will come back to haunt you later.

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Well the shop has worked without many flaws since before TB was forked, through all TB updates and still do. This split into two shops is a one time event that worked well also. If we experience any problems related to this we solve them when they occur. Other errors we will ofc get, admin caused or TB caused

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