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Mobile no longer working



For some reason people with tablets and phones can no longer use my site. I am using the panda theme 1.55 with 1.1.0 TB.  When they click on right  top the screen goes to a greyed out block. I red to disable smart cahce for css and JS. Did that but still cannot get to work.  Any ideas?


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When you click on the menu, the side menu opes normally, that's why the main area is graying out.

However, you see nothing because when clicking on menu, the css of .st-menu still has visibility: hidden;


Same thing with left column, when opened you see nothing because:

#st_mega_menu_column {display: none;}

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Doesn't matter about not making changes, try removing Cart block mod, Sidebar and mobile header bar by deleting modules, any others you think may be the issue 

Download a fresh copy of Panda and re-upload them

Better still if you can go to your hosting site a do a complete restore until you get back to a working state


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