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Giving error on migrating prestashop website to 30 Bees.


I am using prestashop version and I want to migrate my website to 30 bees platform.  
I have followed all the process and get to the migration process but after sometimes It gives error.
 [Ajax / Server Error for action backupFiles] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:" " jqXHR: "

Can anyone help me with this why it is showing me like this?

Screenshot at 2021-12-06 14-35-05.png

Screenshot at 2021-12-06 14-00-04.png

Screenshot at 2021-12-06 13-59-42.png

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If you want to succeed in an upgrade or a migration it is imperative to never use internal backup options because they are never reliable and consume too many resources especially if you have a large catalog.

It is preferable to make your own backups of which you control the restorations.

Then launch the migration by deactivating the backup.

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