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I must say he has an interesting opinion about PS 1.7

Not entirely unfounded. Problem with 1.7 isn't that it's technically worse. Problem is that they couldn't stem to keep the quality, much less improve it. Badging a product as "stable" isn't sufficient to make it actually stable. If one introduces technical changes, one also has to have the manpower to debug this, which is typically more work than just introducing the change.

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It just occurs to me that my previous post could be interpreted like I consider thirty bees to be technically behind. That's certainly not the case.

Thirty bees receives such technical upgrades, too, and even better ones. Just not all at once, breaking everything, but in small, handleable steps. For example, just over the last few weeks database access code was changed. Same functionality, but better abstracted and also some 10 to 20% faster. Earlier, HTML minimization was removed, because it turned out that minification takes much longer than just delivering that HTML as-is. Installer returned to display hints on installation errors. Step by step, always keeping stability at highest priority. Because a fancy shop is nice, a reliable shop is crucial.

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