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Same item, different conditions/sizes?



I didn't know where to add this... is it possible to list say, a shirt, and then have pull down tab to pick sizes, or show other images?

For me, I need it to show a mint/complete toy, and then have different degrees of the same toy as a pull down, or something. 

Missing weapons - Mint
Missing weapons - worn out.

Or do I have to list each one of those as it's own product?
Thanks in advance for any help. 

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39 minutes ago, wakabayashi said:

You should look at attributes. Maybe it works out of the box for you or with some little modifications.

But I don't think that allows me to post another item in a different condition...


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Make new Attribue called "Condition" and set values for it as you wish. Make it dropdown.

Don't use products internal condition and hide it from product listing page.


When making a product -> New Product - enter name, click save. Then enter all your other information, upload images of the toy in different conditions, click save. Go to Combinations. Create your combinations one by one or by the Combinations generator. At this point if you create them one by one you can assign images for this combination (system shows already uploaded images that you saved in the previous step). If you use the combinations generator you have to go in each of them one by one and assign the needed images. Click save and exit the product.

Go FO and select from the drop-down in the product listing the needed combination for "Condition", the system will hide all the other images.

If you need "Combination" to show in the layered navigation module so you can search with the filter when in the categories as customer you have to make a tick for it inside the module filter template. Click save and reindex all indexes.

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12 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

Informative stuff

Well, thank you for your help, but I can't seem to get it right. 
1) Not sure what FO means?
2) No drop down menu is showing up. (But it's checked)
3) All three images of the items are showing on the main product page. 
4) - Unsure if I need to add the main item as an item as well?

Maybe I've missed something?

If there's a different option to show something like this (shopify site), then I'd prefer that... but it's appearing my options for something like this is limited. I haven't seen any Thirtybee sites like that.

New Project (29).jpg

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In order to acheive this type of selection on the product page you'll have to use an external module, TB does not support such selection type currently.

1. FO - Front Office (the customer facing side), BO - back office - where you live most of the time.

2. Here is my 'size' settings in the attribute, in the last settings you have to select 'dropdown' and if you configured the product to use this 'condition' attribute it will show. After you make the attribute itself you have to go in it and give it values (used, broken, in pieces, brand new in box, found it on the street, etc.)


3. The system shows all the images you uploaded, when customer selects a condition and it has associated images for it the system will show the first of those as the large image and the rest in the carousel under the large image. A link saying 'show all images' will appear that will do what it says.

4. I don't understand what you mean here. Attributes are designed to do just that - list items that have different combinations so the customer can choose from them. There is also 'features' - for properties that are not different in different product combinations but different between products.


Post a screen from your attribute settings, attribute value settings, your BO->Product->Combinations and your FO->Product page showing the product so we can troubleshoot. 😉

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That helped. Got it working. Thanks! 
Needed to set it up with an existing item, and I was having issues that way. I didn't know the original item is now a placeholder for added items, and that I'd have to add the complete one as well. 

PS - Can you set a description for each condition? 

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